Your Pledge to Yourself! - Take the Pledge - Callie Marie Coleman

Your Pledge to Yourself!


I Pledge to practice self love everyday.

I Pledge to live my life with love.

I Pledge to keep a positive attitude as much as possible.

I Pledge to Stop giving power to the critic inside my head, or my heart.

I Pledge to believe in me and my dreams.

I Pledge to commit to myself and reach for the stars.

I Pledge to be grateful for something new, each and every day.

I Pledge to let go and get back up again when I make a mistake.

I Pledge to let fear drive my dreams, not to stop them.

I Pledge to let go of the past that makes me think I can’t be the self I always wanted to be.

I Pledge to always cheer on all of my dreams.

I Pledge to remind myself that I’m Beautiful, Strong, Smart, and Worthy of all this life has to offer.