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Start Your Plexus Membership

Get The Supplements You Love. Save Money. 

Are you ready for the health journey of a lifetime?

Maybe you are just looking to lose a few pounds. Maybe you are looking to get some much needed energy back into your life.

Either way, I would like to welcome you to your Plexus membership!

This page will cover how to sign up for your Plexus membership, the awesome perks you get, and the discounts you will get on awesome Plexus products.

I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.

So excited to have you here! Let’s get started!


How to Sign Up For Your Plexus Membership

Signing up to become a Plexus Member is really easy, and I want to make sure you are getting started in the right direction!


  1. Contact me on Facebook so I can provide guidance into which products will be best for you to help you with your problems.
  2. Pay the membership fee. This is a $40, yearly fee that is like paying for a Sam’s Club or Costco Membership. The fee gets you all the best discounts on the products you love!
  3. Sign up for your membership. I will be there to walk you through every step, or I can even do it for you!

I know a lot about the products and the different benefits of each one. 

I love helping new people get started because I love these products so much and use them myself, so I know what they can really do for you!

DO NOT hesitate to reach out and start a chat!

The Plexus Membership Discount

Are you ready for discounts on Plexus?

Even if you don’t plan on selling Plexus, becoming a member gets you awesome discounts on the products you love.

Want to see an example?

Full Price

Triplex Full Price

Membership Discount Price!

Triplex Ambassador Discount

So even if you go with the subscription, you are still saving $16/mo on your favorite Plexus products.

Plus as you go about your day and you hear someone having health issues, you can always pitch them Plexus.

You may end up selling without even intending to.


So are you ready to start your journey?

Whether you are looking for product discounts, free product or are just so tired of your health issues you want to get on the right path, I am here to help you!

If you are ready to get started on this amazing journey with me, be sure to reach out!

I look forward to working with you!