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Have you been feeling tired?

Tired of feeling sick, sore, struggling with health issues (this includes skin issues), or tired in general?

Chances are it is from the gut and Plexus can help.

There is literally something here for everyone.

We are all different with different levels of health and no matter what level you are on, we are here to help.

What is Plexus?

Plexus is an amazing health and wellness company that focuses on blood sugar imbalance, inflammation, and gut health.

All of these things are linked to so many things. Skin issues, diseases, mood, energy, you name it.

Go ahead, do your own research. Search what your biggest health concern is along with gut health and you will see that it is all related.

The gut holds 70 % of your immune cells and 90 % of your serotonin levels and that is why it is so important to fix and heal your gut to be feeling your best, to feel like yourself again, and to be a happier and healthier you.

How Much Does Plexus Cost?

Plexus costs depend on who you are and what products are best for your health.

Some people may think of it as expensive. I get that it can seem that way at first, but when it comes down to it, it is an investment in your health, and your happiness. 

So let’s break this down on how “expensive” Plexus really is. 

Plexus Cost Comparison

Having a soda every day is $1 (at least) our pink drink is $2.50 per day. 

Again stick with me because this is an investment, but it will also make you feel a million times better than junk soda.

Going out and getting a coffee everyday $4, our ProBio5, $.50 a day.

Bag of chips per day $1, BioCleanse, $.50 a day.

Also a candy bar everyday being $2, and XFactor is $.50 per day.

That leads up to a total of $8 for junk versus our gut healing for $4.


This doesn’t even include the results you get. All of that junk will give you a sugar crash, possibly diabetes (in the long run if you are eating like that daily), brain fog, and weight gain.

Plexus does quite the opposite, with giving you natural energy, clear thinking, better sleep, and weight loss. 

I will leave this here and let you decide.

Yes, it is an investment that seems like a LOT! Because you pay it all at once and you are set for the month instead of just doing it slowly throughout the month.

For me this is worth it, and I can bet that if you or anybody else that is tired of being tired, unhealthy, and done with “quick fixes”, that it is worth it for you too. 

Is Plexus a Legitimate Company?


Plexus is a legit and amazing company that has real, quality products that work.

The products are great, and the treatment of ambassadors is great. They have amazing programs and memberships, without hassle.

There are 3 ways that you can get involved with Plexus.

As a One-Time Customer - You can buy once, simple as that, no strings attached and pay the highest amount.

As a Preferred Customer – You can become a preferred customer, and subscribe and save and get 10% off every time your order ships each month. 

As an Ambassador – Or you can become an ambassador (Do Not Let This Scare You!!!) You CAN Sell, OR you can simply think of it as a Membership.

You pay one fee a year (like a Sam’s Club) and you get 20% off your products for the WHOLE YEAR! 

There are no monthly fees or anything extra, that is it! 

I personally don’t push selling on anyone!

If you become an ambassador simply for the discounts, I am ALL for it. I will never bring up selling unless you do, and at that point the ball is in your court.

Then and only then will I help you get everything you need to help you succeed. 

It is an amazing place with an amazing community and amazing products that will help to support your health in so many ways.

What is the Pink Drink I Hear So Much About?

The Pink Drink is something that can help support all the things! This helps to regulate your blood sugar, your hormone levels, which will in turn change your energy and mood levels.

Also there are 2 types of Pink Drink, so you can decide which is best for you!

The Two Types of Pink Drink

The 1st one is called the Slim Microbiome Activating Pink Drink. This has a raspberry lemon, watermelon flavor and is solely focused on the gut health, so if you know you have major health issues that you want to get right, this one may be for you!

The 2nd is the Slim Hunger Control Pink Drink and this does all the things too, but instead of focusing solely on gut health, you can drink this before a meal and feel it control your hunger and help you from overeating!

Now all of these as I have mentioned are not quick fixes, but the Slim Hunger Control does happen pretty quickly! You can take up to 2 a day, but you definitely want to take it at same time, once a day at least, because it regulates your blood sugar for 24 hours!

How Can Plexus Help Me?

Plexus can help you, I know it can.

However, I do not know you, and that is one of the best things about Plexus, is how personal it is.

I do not know with what you struggle with yet but I know that I can help you find what would help you to thrive.

If you struggle with energy levels, there is something for you, anxiety/depression, there is something for you, weight loss, acne, diabetes, crohn’s, there is something Plexus has that can help you.

You can head to my video to get started to find what might be a good place to start and I can help you get further to find the perfect combo to fit you and your lifestyle.

Weight Loss

We have a lot of things that help promote weight loss, we have the Hunger Control drink as I have mentioned above, Lean Protein Shakes, (they actually taste GOOD and not chalky, I SWEAR!) Balance, Block, and MetaBurn, all things to burn that fat away!

Skin Care

We have an amazing line of skincare products. On top of the fact that getting your gut in check will help with your skin we also have more.

If you didn’t already know, at age 21, we stop producing collagen, so Plexus has a Collagen Complex, and it is definitely different than the collagen you will find at the store. Check it out to find out more about it!

We also have 2 serums: the Illuminating Day Serum and the Intensive Overnight Repair; all to help with acne, wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness!

All of these have European standards, which means it does not allow a lot of the junk in the skincare products that the U.S. does.

Mood and Energy

Mood and energy are one of the best parts of Plexus for me. Keep in mind that I don’t have any major underlying diseases either, but there is literally something here for everyone to help promote overall health.

While a lot of these products do help promote amazing things like weight loss and inflammation, the overall impact of this is way more amazing.

Sure this will help with that, but the things that help you do this first make you feel good and better before you start to lose weight, you are going to feel good as your gut is healing, inflammation goes down, and your blood sugar is balanced, which helps to reset your body and it will give you clean and amazing energy that will help to change your mood. 

These are products such as our amazing Slim Pink Drinks, Active, our awesome, and CLEAN energy drink, and our Edge supplements that also help with really great mental clarity.


Digestion is not something we think about a lot, unless bathroom issues are something you struggle with.

This is where the BFFs, Pro Bio 5 and BioCleanse, come in.

These can help you even if you do not have bathroom issues, but to help you get the good microbes back in your body and flush out all of those toxins that have been in your body for years from everything bad that has ever gone in it.

This will help you regulate, and get that candida yeast level back to normal, to learn more contact me!

BTW, I know when you hear regulate, or BioCleanse it has you scared, but don’t be. This  is not Miralax, this is something that gently cleans you out and is going to make you feel better.

This is worth it and will help your body heal. These two products combined with one of the Slim Pink Drinks is called Triplex, the most popular combo that helps so many people feel better.


There are also amazing things here for general nutrition for you and something for the kiddos if you have some (check these Plexus kid’s products out in the next section).

Here we have an amazing multivitamin that you will not find in any store. We have something called XFactor, and XFactor Plus with extra aloe.

There is also MegaX, something with Omega but without that fishy taste, Nerve that helps if you have nerve discomfort, and Ease, something that not only helps with sore muscles and joints, but also can majorly help inflammation. You will think you lost weight, but you are just healthier, feeling better, and even have something to show for it.

There is even something called VitalBiome if you are someone that struggles with anxiety or depression, this will help those serotonin levels based from your gut get back to where they should be to help you be the you that you want to be.

Kid’s Health

There are also some amazing kiddo products that help your child with everything that they need.

If you have a picky eater, this is definitely a necessity, again not like something you can get off of the shelf.

The Megakids Microbiome is not only super fun because they have a drink to mix up, just like you, but it gives them all the levels of omega they need, tastes like a pixy stick only healthy, and has even helped some kids to have less tantrums! 

The XFactor Kids is the perfect multivitamin that will help with any lack of vegetables and taste like sweet tarts!

The combo between these products will make them happier and healthier, just like you.

Think of a head start where they begin with good gut health, before it ever goes bad, this will help promote that level of health in those kiddos.

Interactive Plexus Sales Video

Not Sure Which Plexus Product Is For You?

Check out my interactive video which will ask you relevant questions and help you narrow down which Plexus product will help with your problems.

Making Money With Plexus

If you really love Plexus products, or are just looking for a good business opportunity, you should really look into becoming an Ambassador for Plexus.

Being an Ambassador simply requires that you have at least 100 PV (Personal Volume) per month and pay a $39.95 annual fee. 

Just think of the fee as your Sam’s Club Membership, as you get awesome discounts on all of the products you know and love with your yearly membership.

The Plexus Compensation Plan

As for the compensation plan, there is a tiered system.

For PV between 100 and 499.99 you get 15% commissions on the remaining PV after the first 100 per month.

The next tier is for 500 PV and up which gets you 25% commissions on the remaining PV after the first 100.

PV is earned by purchases you make as well as purchases made through your replicated Plexus shop you get as an Ambassador.

There are other perks and compensations you get for building your business, getting new Ambassadors to sign up, and ranking up in the company, so the sky’s the limit!


Thank you so much if you made it this far!

If you are tired of quick fixes or just of being tired, Plexus is a great 1st step to getting healthy.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me, it is my job to help you and I want to help you thrive.

You’ve got this and I cannot wait to hear from you and get you started on this beautiful journey to health and happiness. 

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