What You Need to Know About The Plexus Triplex Combo

The Triplex Combo is the most popular Plexus combo because it is for everyone.

Even if it is small, everyone has a gut and gut health is vital to the health so many things including your weight, your skin, your energy, mood, and a lot more.

70% of your immune cells live inside your gut!

Most of the products in the Triplex, as well as a couple others, work to weed, seed, and feed your gut with what it needs to thrive. This will then help the rest of you thrive.

What is the Plexus Triplex Combo?

The first product in the Triplex is Biocleanse, (don’t let this scare you, just stick with me for a minute) which helps to gently cleanse your intestinal tract of all that junk in your body. It is not anything major, and it is not going to be like a Mirlax I promise.

The other side to this, the BFF of Biocleanse, is ProBio. This amazing probiotic helps to heal your gut and helps specifically with mood and stress levels to really help those happiness levels.

The last product in the Triplex, and the most popular and important, is the Slim pink drink.

This drink helps to regulate your blood sugar, and your hormone levels, in turn you will fight the toxins in your body and overall crave less junk and feel better, even lose some inches from not always being so inclined to grab the sugary snacks as often. 

What Can the Triplex Do For Me?

There is a reason that most people start out Plexus with the Triplex.

It helps establish health in so many different areas of life, including weight loss and management, digestive health, and energy levels.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues and how to Triplex helps.

Weight Loss and Management

There are 2 Slim pink drinks.

One is called the Microbiome Activating pink drink and has a raspberry, watermelon, lemon flavor and on top of what I mentioned above also has an extra prebiotic in it to give an extra push for your gut health.

The other is called Slim Hunger Control.

This one has a blood orange lemon lime flavor and instead of an extra prebiotic, has an extra fiber to help control your hunger. 

They both do what I mentioned above, and also both have the alpha lipoic acid in it.

Basically, they both help you to naturally speed up your metabolism.

Between this, the hunger control (if that is what you choose), and your body naturally craving less sugar, this can help to promote weight loss.

Digestive Health

The Triplex can help with constipation as well, specifically of course, the Biocleanse.

Again, do not less this scare you, everyone is different.

My friend takes 4 because she always had the issue of constipation. But for me,  I only take 2 as I do not need help with this but it still helps to make sure I am regularly getting out any toxins in my body in the healthiest possible way.

Energy Level

The energy level is naturally going to come if you keep with Plexus and the Triplex consistently because your blood sugars will be evened out and it will keep you going.

Though there is green coffee bean in it, it is completely natural and safe for everyone including pregnant and nursing mothers.

Not only is it natural, and plant-based, the caffeine is literally taken out of this coffee bean before being put into our pink drinks.

How to Take Triplex

The Triplex is so easy to take.

You can easily take the ProBio 5 and Bioclease at night before bed to make it easy and you take your pink drink once or twice per day.

It’s all up to you on how much you want to have one and do it at the same time everyday (especially if you take it only once per day) because this helps to regulate your bodies blood sugar specifically for 24 hours.

What Are the Ingredients in the TriPlex?

All of the main ingredients of the Triplex, and Plexus in general are all safe and plant based.

They are so safe that all of them aside from 2 of the major weight loss supplements are safe for nursing and pregnant mothers.

The Slim drink as well as mentioned above has a green coffee bean extract, with everything except for 2% of caffeine completely taken out of the bean.

I know friends personally that have been pregnant and nursing on the Triplex and thrived as well as their babies. 

BioCleanse main is the daily level of magnesium that you need everyday, as well as ascorbic acid, sodium, and bioflavonoid complex.

The ProBio 5 has a probiotic blend that helps stress levels and promotes your serotonin ( happy) levels as well as a proprietary enzyme blend, proteases, chitosanase, and serrapeptase. As well as other amazing ingredients such as vitamin c, vitamin b6, and grape seed extract.

Everything in these products are natural and amazing for you, or I would not take them everyday.

They are amazing and life changing, if your probiotic and/or gut supplements do not improve your life like Plexus does, than you need something new.

Triplex Side Effects

Plexus has side effects that are known as detox.

These are all temporary things, and I want to tell you why first.

Our bodies have spent years and years of being damaged by what we typically eat and drink in the U.S. as well as the environment around us.

It can get even worse with stress levels being high.

If you haven’t heard of candida yeast, most of us haven’t. It is literally in our bodies only to help us decompose when we die, that is it.

The level of this is supposed to be at 20% versus 80% of the good microbes that we make up. However, due to everything I mentioned above, this tends to pretty much shift to 20% good and 80% of this candida yeast that thrives on sugar and our unhealthy habits so when we try to force it out, it is not very happy.

It fights us.

Detox does not happen to everyone but when it does, it makes us crave more sugar at first, sometimes have headaches, diarrhea, even flu like symptoms but these are extremely temporary and why I will be here every step of the way to help you navigate what best dosage is best for you when pushing through this.

In any case, this ends and it only goes up from there.

Detox is not pretty, but it is not negative either, all it means is that the Triplex is working, and it is healing your body and your gut!

Is the Triplex Safe to Take, or Is It A Scam?

Plexus is not a scam.

Although we are a team made up of being underneath people, our job is literally to help anyone we bring on.

We will not let you fail, the only person that can do this is you.

We are very personable, we work to help each other succeed and everything in your portal is 100% controlled by you, something again that I will help you understand if you wanted to start your health journey.

Why Does Triplex Cost So Much?

Honestly, it does not cost as much as it seems.

First, anything that is higher than say other companies, is the quality. But overall, if you take this day by day instead of by month, it costs less per day for the pink drink than a starbucks coffee, or even a soda.

It costs less per day for ProBio5 then it does for a candy bar. These are just a few examples.

I know for me I could easily go and spend this money on worthless things throughout the month without even trying, I just choose to do it all at once so that I can give myself a better quality of life for myself, for my family, and to help any of my friends. 

Where Can I Buy Triplex?

You can buy Triplex at the Plexus Worldwide website.

I will tell you it is cheaper to buy it as an ambassador (don’t let this scare you off, just hear me out).

You don’t have to sell a single thing and you can still get money back.

We prefer to call them memberships because it is just like Sam’s Club, you buy a membership one time a year, $9.95 this August, usually $39.95, and you get everything for 20% off as long as you are spending 100 PV (which, hint: you will always get this if you are getting the Triplex on subscription).

You will get 15% off your own subscriptions, plus perks every month that eventually add up to free products.

You can turn your subscription off whenever you need, you just simply will not get the perks.

That is it, no other strings attached, no monthly quotas or anything crazy.

If you happen to have friends that want to join you after seeing your crazy results, then just like that, since you are already an “ambassador”, you sign them up and get even more money back!

I will help you with everything you need to know and I will not bring up a thing about selling unless you do first.

It’s simple, it’s real, and it is life changing.