Plexus' New Day Cleanser - Callie Marie Coleman

Y’all, I am so excited! 

My company just launched a brand new product over the weekend and it is something we all need and something so many of us have been waiting for!! 

It is the Joyome Revitalizing Daily Cleanser!!


What is Joyome Revitalizing Daily Cleanser?

A microbiome friendly cleanser that not only gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup but it also leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated, on top of helping to restore and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. 

This product smells amazing, has a great lather and gets you that tightening feel super fast. 

Not to mention the promotion of the cellular turnover to really help reveal the radiant skin that you deserve. 

The ingredients are super clean and amazing. 


Ingredients for Joyome Revitalizing Daily Cleanser

  • Cranberry Fruit Extract – A fruit extract rich in natural protease enzymes that gently exfoliate to remove impurities
  • Rejuvenating Siberian Ginseng root extract and Rhodiola Rosea extract – A source of plant-based antioxidants that helps to visibly de-stress your skin
  • Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters – An emollient agent that helps enhance skin moisturization and supports the skin microbiome leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft.

I’m in love with ingredients! Natural prebiotics reduce moisture loss and is pH formulated to support a balanced & healthy skin microbiome! 

All that and I haven’t even mentioned the best part about this product, are you ready? It is under $20!! Affordable AND Amazing skincare products? Yes. Please!!!  



If you want to check out the product, you can see it in my shop.

Honestly though, I’d rather open a conversation with you.

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