Motivation for Overcoming Not Wanting to Exercise - Callie Marie Coleman

So, you’ve always liked the idea of being an exercise person but can’t find “your thing”?

P.Volve is a great place to go. 

I have never been able to stick with exercise, especially not running, even after doing cross country! 

Funny thing is when the season ended I just didn’t anymore. I didn’t have a date and time or the same people to run with and really had no motivation.

P.Volve is different for me. 

It is fun and it gives you a great workout. 

I know, low impact doesn’t sound like all that, right? 

However, it is more intense than you would believe and it is great for everyone! 

Need to lose weight? P.Volve can help! 

Want to get stronger, or better balance? P.Volve is the answer to your dreams. 

Pregnant, but want to stay healthy for both you and your new bundle of joy? I see you girl, and P.Volve has got you! 

It is amazing all around and can be truly for anyone! 

Beat Your Self-Doubt With a Plan

Still not quite convinced? 

I hear you, you are thinking but how do i stay motivated, especially when it gets hard? 

Aside from P.Volve truly being as fun as it can be challenging I have some tips for you, so don’t sweat, unless you are working out! 

First, set a schedule! 

I know, it is hard, we all have busy lives! 

Even during a pandemic, even if you aren’t working there is laundry, cooking and oh so much cleaning not to mention those kids if you have them. 

Everyone can find things to make them busy, but here’s the thing if you really want this you have to make it a priority! 

Take a half hour to an hour out of your tv time or scrolling through social media and get up and move. This will make you feel so good inside and out! 

I personally have 2 kids, (both toddlers) a senior dog and a hubby and there is always something to do around here! 

But I love how P.Volve makes me feel so much, and I should mention I never thought I would be this person ever that loves exercise, that I take at least 3 nights a week and workout and that is just a start. 

I would love to extend that but I want to make sure I am physically and mentally ready for that. I take the time I have which is after my kids go to bed and I workout all the tension I may have gotten from the day I just had. 

I hear some of you, “What? You workout at night?” 


Here’s a secret guys, being told not to workout at night and that it’s so bad, it’s a myth! 

Yes you heard me right. 

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean do it directly before bed, but there is nothing wrong with an evening workout.  

It may not be forever but right now that is what is best for me and my family and I want it so bad that that’s how I do it in this chapter of my life! 

Set Yourself Up For Success

Once you have exercise regularly scheduled in your week you wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to keep yourself on track. 

As for having a bad day on an on day, find your role model, whoever inspires you to help you push through. 

Music is something that helps with this so much. 

For me, when I need a boost, something that works for me was boosting “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Yes, it’s an oldie but I am an Early 90s kid and it has always been the beat to my drum, something to get me going, so on the days you really need a boost, blast whatever your “Unwritten” is and get pumped to workout your body and feel amazing! 


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